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Uber and other ridesharing companies have taken over how we get from Point A to Point B.  The use of app based travel along with the ability to safely get to destinations without using our own vehicles has made life easier in many ways.  However, accidents can and do happen while people are riding in an Uber and/or while driving an Uber.

Our office represents the victims of San Diego Uber accidents in civil cases to recover compensation from negligent drivers.  We aggressively represent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in Uber Accident cases throughout Southern California.  This includes representation of a motorist or passenger in another vehicle when an Uber driver causes the accident; the driver of the Uber or rideshare vehicle when the accident is caused by another driver; or passengers in Uber or rideshare vehicles regardless of who is at fault.

Uber Accident Insurance Policies

Uber has insurance policies in place that can cover up to $1 million in damages depending on when the accident happens and the coverage of other drivers involved in the accident.  The Uber insurance requirements can be accessed here.   An Uber driver is required to maintain the state minimum coverage on their vehicle, which in California is only $15,000.  However, injury victims could also be covered by a $1 million policy that is issued through an insurance company selected by Uber.  This policy provides significant protection for Uber accident victims.

What is critical in any Uber accident case is looking at when the accident happened.  The following is a breakdown of insurance available at different times during a trip:

  • Before the Uber App is on or in use – only insurance available is from your own insurance policy, if any
  • Period 1 – once the Uber App is online there is a $50,000 Uber policy available with a $200,000 excess policy
  • Period 2 – after trip is accepted – a $1 million liability policy and $1 million underinsured policy
  • Period 3 – after pickup and during the trip – a $1 million liability policy and a $1 million underinsured policy

Obviously, it can become complicated as to what policy applies depending on what part of the Uber trip a driver or passenger was on when the accident happened.  This is on reason that an experienced San Diego Uber Accident Lawyer can make all of the difference in the recovery of damages in an Uber accident case.  When you contact our office, as a part of our free consultation we will run through which part of the trip you were on and will examine any data from your Uber App so that we can determine what insurance might be applicable.

How to get Help from a San Diego Uber Accident Lawyer?

Our office handles all Uber accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no fee unless we obtain a settlement or win at trial.  During your initial consultation we will examine all of the documentation you have regarding the accident and will discuss in depth injuries that you have sustained and medical treatment that has been conducted so far so we have a complete picture of your case.  We do all of this without charge and will provide our best advice to you as to how to move forward.

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