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In California, living in apartments is a way of life for millions of people.  An apartment break-in is one of the scariest crimes for a crime victim to deal with because we all think of our homes as safe and secure.  Rist Law Office represents victims of apartment robberies in civil lawsuits in San Diego and throughout California.  We work to recover compensation for victims or their families from individuals and businesses whose negligence led to or failed to prevent a serious crime from occurring.

Apartment and Apartment Complex Safety

Apartment owners and managers have a duty to make certain that apartments and apartment complexes are secure.  Yet apartment owners who know about unsafe parking lots, unsafe corridors, broken window locks, broken door locks, prior crimes, or other security issues fail to keep their tenants safe through simple security measures that could cost next to nothing to implement.

Cameras, increased security, inexpensive locks, lighting, and other simple fixes could often prevent a crime from occurring but are overlooked or ignored by property owners and managers.  As a result, apartment tenants and guests can become the victim of serious crimes such as murder, rape, malicious wounding, stabbings, shootings, sexual assaults, abductions, kidnapping, or other serious crimes that lead to life threatening injuries.

When a crime occurs during an apartment break-in or at an apartment complex, not just the perpetrator of the crime can be held liable.  Landlords, property owners, property management companies, and/or security companies that provide service at apartment complexes have a duty to maintain the safety of apartments under a theory of liability known as premises liability.  When these businesses fail to keep tenants and their guests safe, they could be held liable for a crime victim’s damages.

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured at an apartment complex or during an apartment robbery, contact a San Diego Apartment Robbery Victim Lawyer from Rist Law Office to discuss whether you can file a civil lawsuit.  We offer free, confidential consultations to victims and the families of victims of apartment robberies or apartment complex injuries to discuss whether a civil lawsuit can be pursued.

We will take the time to thoroughly discuss every aspect of the case with you no matter how long it takes.  We do not charge anything for discussing the case and all facts will be kept strictly confidential.  Rist Law Office accepts all crime victim cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not collect a fee until your case is settled or won in court.

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