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Innocent people become the victims of violent crimes every day in California.  Sadly, many criminals are never caught, or worse, never face significant punishment for their crimes.  Most victims of crime are surprised to learn that they can do more than just seek justice through a criminal prosecution.  The “civil side” of a criminal case can be a powerful tool to help the victims of serious crimes and their families to hold criminals and other negligent parties responsible for what happened.

Helping Crime Victims Throughout San Diego County and Southern California

Rist Law Office helps the victims of violent crimes with civil cases throughout San Diego County and California.  Our office has helped the victims of child sexual assaults, rape, shootings, DUI accidents, shootings and robberies to recover millions of dollars of compensation in civil cases.  We will travel to anywhere in California to assist with a case.

When we are approached by a crime victim about a case, we immediately assess what parties could be responsible for what happened, not just the criminal.  Property owners, coaches, teachers, school districts, apartment owners, landlords, security companies, store owners, and others can be held responsible for failing to take steps to prevent crimes, especially when they know of a danger and fail to do anything.

Experienced San Diego Crime Victim Attorney 

Our office has handled some of the most difficult cases in both civil and criminal litigation.  Thomas Rist is a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney who has taken multiple criminal and civil crime victim cases to a verdict.  As a former prosecutor, he understands how the victim of a crime can feel like the criminal justice system has not done enough to provide justice for a crime victim and/or their family.  When we are hired to help a crime victim, we go to work immediately in working towards a resolution of the case that can help the crime victim.

Cases we handle include:

We understand the unique situation that crime victims face after a crime has happened and we work with them to hold people accountable for what happened.  Some of the most rewarding civil cases we have handled involved serious crimes where we were able to get the victim of the crime back on the path of recovery.

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Any call to our office from a crime victim is kept strictly confidential.  We never charge a potential client to discuss their case and there is no fee unless your case is won at trial or settled.  For more information about how we can help with a crime victim case or to speak to a lawyer today, call us at (619) 377-4660.

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