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One of the scariest and most traumatic crimes for a victim to recover from is a shooting or stabbing.  Many people who are the victims of shootings or stabbings that occur at an apartment complex do not know that the apartment owners and management companies have a duty to make certain that the apartment is safe.  In San Diego, large private and government subsidized apartment complexes can be extremely unsafe for residents.  Gang activity, shootings, stabbings, robberies and other crimes can go unabated.  Even at smaller apartments, safety is the last concern of landlords who just want their rent payments.

This does not mean that a victim does not have options to hold negligent parties accountable.

Who can be held responsible if an apartment tenant suffers injury?

If you are the victim of a shooting, stabbing, assault, battery, sexual assault or other serious crime, you could potentially hold the landlord or property management company responsible.  If there were any private entities that were providing security at the apartment, those parties could potentially be held responsible in a civil lawsuit.   Some of the other factors that an experienced law firm will look at includes whether the landlord took safety precautions at the apartment, such as installing locks, gates, security cameras, lighting, fencing, or hiring security to patrol the complex.

Many of these companies also have insurance that can help to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering for crime victims.

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