A pedestrian died after being struck by a van in Little Italy on Monday.  According to a news report from Fox 5, the pedestrian was struck shortly before 6:00 a.m.  The accident closed the off-ramp at India Street from I-5.  

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Our office represents the victims of pedestrian accident cases and their families throughout San Diego.  With an increasing number of distracted drivers on the roads, pedestrian accidents are on the rise.  Our office has successfully represented the victims of pedestrian accidents and we will work to hold the negligent party responsible for damages.  Typically, in a pedestrian accident case, an injury victim can recover damages for past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, and future lost wages as well as damages for pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages.  All of these cases are unique and talking to an experienced San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer is one of the best ways to determine how to proceed towards a path of recovery.

Our office offers free consultations to all accident victims.  We will take the time to run over all aspects of the case and will identify whether additional information is needed to hold the negligent driver responsible.  For more information, contact us or call (619) 377-4660.