We have always believed that our results are the best reflection of our work. Our mantra is every case, every client, every day – meaning we give 100% to everyone who hires our office.  The proof is in our results. Below are examples of some of the cases we have handled and the outcomes in each case.  How can we help you today?



Settlement paid by a large corporation that failed to pay workers for time spent undergoing security and bag checks before work in California.


Settlement for gas station attendants that were required to work alone in stores and were not provided any meal or rest breaks as required by the California Labor Code.


Recovered against a Los Angeles based company that failed to pay employees the correct IRS reimbursement for mileage on their personal vehicles.


Settlement obtained from a large box store that failed to properly classify employees and failed to pay overtime.


Settlement obtained from a California Tour Company that failed to reimburse employees for expenses incurred for the business and failed to provide accurate pay stubs to employees.



Obtained a settlement in a complicated fatal coal mine accident case where a roof was not bolted correctly in a coal mine. We represented the estate of the coal miner who was killed and successfully negotiated a significant settlement after defeating a motion for summary judgment filed by the mining company’s lawyers.


Settlement obtained in a workplace explosion case for two clients who were injured in the explosion.


Policy limits recovered in a severe motorcycle accident case

$70,000 – Jury Verdict

Recovered in a motorcycle accident case where the insurance company’s attorneys claimed that the accident was our client’s fault.  The jury found 100% liability on the other driver and awarded 15 times what was originally offered by the insurance company.

$100,000 – Policy Limits Settlement

Obtained a policy limits settlement in a pedestrian hit-and-run case where we had to utilize cameras, police reports, and physical evidence to track down the negligent driver.  Once we found him and served the Complaint, the insurance company for the driver denied all liability for the case.

$150,000 – Policy Limits Settlement

Recovered $150,000 in insurance proceeds for a client that was seriously injured by a drunk driver who exited a freeway and failed to stop at the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp.  The insurance company originally offered our client only $2,500 to settle the case.


Wrongful Death Crime Victim Case Settles for Confidential Amount

Our office represented the estate of an elderly woman who was attacked and killed by an assailant that was living in a home that received numerous complaints over the years to the entities that were providing housing aid.  The home had multiple children living in it, one of which continued to attack neighbors and animals.  Our office filed suit against the city and landlord for failing to remedy an obvious nuisance and for the wrongful death of our client and we were able to obtain a confidential settlement for our client.


Recovered against an extended living care provider that failed to provide adequate supervision for a troubled resident who sexually assaulted a child.


Settlement obtained for two clients who were the victims of sexual assaults perpetrated by police officers.  After litigating the case for two years and taking depositions in multiple locations, including prison where a former officer was incarcerated, the case ultimately settled at mediation.  The Defendants denied liability throughout the entire case.


Our office recovered $375,000 against a gambling establishment that allowed a contractor to utilize their facility to perpetuate the rape of a minor child.  During the case we discovered that the establishment was utilized by various contractors for private parties and that security found liquor bottles and other items throughout the area where the rape occurred prior to the incident.  Our office worked to hold the establishment responsible and we ultimately recovered a significant settlement for the child, even though liability was disputed.



Recovered against an employer that allowed pervasive same sex sexual harassment to occur in the workplace.


Settlement obtained for two employees who were misclassified as exempt for several years and were not paid overtime or provided with meal or rest breaks.


Recovered from an employer who allowed the general manager of a public entity to continually sexually harass our client.



Judgment obtained against an employee who fraudulently embezzled a significant amount of money from her former employer.  As a part of the settlement the employee also had to transfer a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and Ford Mustang to our client.


Recovered from the operator of a hotel that allowed several customers to become poisoned by carbon monoxide due to a faulty installation of a heater.


The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.  Every client’s case is different and specific factual or legal circumstances always control the outcome of any case.  Case circumstances are noted here only to provide potential clients an idea of the types of cases we handle.

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