One person was killed in a multi-vehicle car crash that occurred on I-5 near 10th Avenue.  According to a news report from 10 News, approximately six vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred during the morning commute.  Storms that were coming through San Diego at the time likely contributed to the accident.  

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

Our office represents the victims of car accident cases throughout San Diego.  When a fatal accident happens, family members are often left trying to answer many questions about the cause of the accident and how best to move forward.  To make matters worse, insurance companies will start attempting to settle a fatal accident case with the family, before they have the chance to speak to a lawyer about the case.  Before you sign anything or talk to an insurance company about a fatal car accident, we recommend setting up a free consultation with an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process of an accident case.  

Our office offers free consultations and we will take the time to examine all aspects of the case and whether there could be multiple insurance policies that could be utilized to obtain a recovery.  For more information, contact us or call (619) 377-4660 to speak to a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer today.