A bicycle rider died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Rolando on May 26, 2020. According to this story at 10 News, the collision happened on University Avenue near Alamo Drive at around 7:00 p.m. The driver of the vehicle apparently left the scene after the accident with the cyclist. The story notes that the bicycle rider was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital and passed away.

Getting Help from a San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Rist Law Office has handled thousands of cases for bicycle accident victims. We have recovered over $25 million dollars for our clients, including in serious bicycle accident cases such as this one. When a bicycle accident happens, it is important to quickly contact a lawyer who can examine all aspects of the case. Our office will investigate all aspects of the case, including speaking to possible witnesses and visiting the scene of the accident to document any possible evidence (such as tire marks or debris fields). While at the scene we will make a thorough search for any cameras that could lead to evidence holding a driver accountable. This is especially important in a hit-and-run type accident.

Our office will also work to obtain all medical records and bills so that we can document our client’s injuries and provide information to insurance companies to maximize our client’s recovery.

Injuries Sustained in San Diego Bicycle Accidents

Many times the injuries sustained by a bike rider are severe while the damage to a vehicle is light to nonexistent. Paralysis, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, and broken bones are typical injuries that happen when a bicycle accident occurs. Sometimes clients need to be referred to doctors to help manage pain and to get further treatment, even if they do not have medical insurance. Our office works to help individuals through their medical treatment so that we can document everything happening in a file.

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