A man was seriously injured in a truck accident that happened on Interstate 15 near Poway on Tuesday.  According to NBC 7, the truck accident happened around 1:00 a.m. and pinned the driver of the truck.  

San Diego Truck Accident Lawyer

We represent people injured in truck accidents throughout San Diego and California. When a truck accident or semi accident happens, there are typically more serious injuries or even deaths that occur due to the size of the vehicles involved.  In many truck accident cases, an expert has to be hired to evaluate what happened in the case and to provide an opinion regarding fault.  This is especially true when the negligent driver attempts to blame someone else for the accident.  Sometimes it is not apparent to injury victims or their families that fault for a truck accident is even being disputed until they get a copy of the police report or speak to an insurance adjuster from other driver’s insurance company.      

Getting help with a San Diego Trucking Accident

In any truck accident case, we recommend that an injury victim or their family speak to a lawyer about their case.  We can evaluate what happened and provide our opinion as to whether a case should be filed.  In some cases we will also examine any offers made by an insurance company to see if they are fair.  We do not charge anything for an initial consultation and all injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means we are not paid anything unless we win compensation for our client.

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